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Natural Adaptogens

What are natural adaptogens? A complete guide

Do you know what natural adaptogens are and how they can help you gain health, well-being and quality of life? In recent years, several studies have been carried out on them that have made clear their relevance and interest for people of different ages. Today you will find out what they are!

What are natural adaptogens?

They are natural substances with the capacity to improve the physical and mental resistance of the person who consumes them regularly. They contribute in a real and effective way to reduce stress and physical and mental fatigue as well as to improve cognitive function and sleep quality. This has positive effects on health, in such relevant matters as hormonal function affecting different aspects of the organism and the energy level of the individual.

Adaptogens are present in some foods. There are not many of them and they are consumed in small quantities, so the most effective way to take them is in a more concentrated form and at Robis, manufacturer of food supplements, we know this well, so we tell you all about it:

When to take natural adaptogens: examples

Some examples of cases in which they are suitable.

  • Menopause for its help in relieving symptoms associated with this stage such as hot flashes, irritability and anxiety.
  • In cases of anxiety and mild depression, to achieve greater mental and emotional well-being.
  • In weight loss plans to help maintain energy levels and mood during the change of habits to a better diet and regular physical exercise.
  • In athletes to improve their recovery from fatigue and improve their sports performance in a natural way.
  • Students and workers who have to make great intellectual efforts.

What are the natural adaptogens: the 11 most relevant ones

1 – Ashwagandha, powerful adaptogenic herb

It is an herb traditionally used in Ayurvedic medicine for its stress and inflammation reducing properties. It also helps to improve cognitive function.

2 – Rhodiola, a vegetable to increase endurance

It is a very popular medicinal plant commonly used in traditional Russian and Scandinavian medicine to help combat fatigue, stress and improve the body’s resistance. It is also used to prevent altitude sickness.

3 – Ginseng, one of the best-known natural adaptogens

This root is recognized and used in traditional oriental herbal medicine for its ability to improve physical and mental endurance. Contributes to reduce stress and improve immune function, as well as to combat weakness due to anemia.

4 – Maca, the Andean adaptogen for men and women

Andean maca is a root that helps to increase energy and elevate mood. It also helps to balance hormone levels and therefore also improves sexual health and stamina. Organic maca has many benefits and this one is especially indicated for its testosterone benefits.

5 – Reishi, an effective adaptogenic mushroom

It is one of the most widely known and used mushrooms in traditional Chinese medicine in China, Japan, Korea and increasingly in more and more Western countries. It is an effective stress and inflammation reducer. Helps to increase the body’s energy and improve immune function. Reishi, shiitake and maitake have become 3 of the most famous mushrooms for their properties in recent years.

6 – Cordyceps mushroom

Another recognized mushroom from the Chinese ancestral medicine, effective in the treatment of chronic fatigue and sexual dysfunction among other conditions. It is currently considered a natural ally to improve sports performance.

7 – Schisandra, a natural adaptogen widely used in traditional Chinese medicine.

It provides health and mood benefits by improving mental clarity and increasing the body’s energy levels, highly recommended in situations where a greater capacity for concentration and intellectual work is required, such as exam time for students.

8 – Goji berries, originating in Tibet

Highly recognized in traditional Chinese medicine and nowadays all over the world. It is an effective natural adaptogen to overcome stress and have higher energy levels.

9 – Bacopa monnieri, widely used in Indian Ayurvedic medicine.

Recognized in Asian medicine, especially in India, it is also widely used in countries such as Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Nepal and Bangladesh. It improves memory, facilitates learning and helps to improve concentration.

10 – Sea buckthorn, adaptogenic berry

Sea buckthorn is widely used in phytomedicine. Among other benefits, it helps improve cardiovascular health, reduce inflammation and improve immune function.

11 – Amla, a very beneficial fruit

Traditionally used in Ayurvedic medicine to reduce inflammation and improve immune function.

These would be the most known and used natural adaptogens, have you ever tried any of them? If you want to keep up to date with everything, don’t hesitate to subscribe to our newsletter and follow us on social networks to stay up to date with the best health tips.

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