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Complementos Alimenticios Para Niños

Food supplements for children in growing ages

As you know, vitamins are essential for the proper functioning of the body, particulary during the stages of growth our children experiment throughout their childhood. They need thousands of chemical reactions for their cells to develop normally and, for that, vitamins are essential. In fact, the word vitamin itself comes from the words “vita” and “amine”, which together mean substances necessary for life.

Most of the vitamins we need are made in our body through food or the sun, as vitamin D. Thereby, if our children have a healthy and balanced diet, rich in vegetables, fruits, fish, meats and cereals, we will be providing them with most of the vitamins they need for their proper growth. There is no food that contains in itself the 13 vitamins they need for their development, so it is important a varied diet.

However, it should be considered that childhood is a critical period for the growth and development of the brain, so it is advisable to make a contribution of extra vitamins through food supplements for children. Especially if the family’s dietary habits are focus on a limited group of foods.

For example, if the family carries a vegan diet, although with the indications of the pediatrist the child could be kept under the same diet safely, there are vitamins and minerals that are not present in this type of diet, especially vitamin D, vitamin B12, vitamin A, iron, calcium, riboflavin and zinc. Elements included in many of Robis’ food supplements.

It is very important to bear this in mind, as the deficiencies of some of these vitamins or minerals can cause such serious problems as rickets, a disease that softens the bones. It is true that it is a rare disease, but it is always better to prevent than cure. So it’s good that when you go to the pediatrist, you consult him about the necessary food supplements and the amounts your child should take to develop properly.

On the other hand, an iron deficiency, which usually occurs especially in young children, could cause anemia, a condition that limits the ability of the blood to properly transport oxygen. Keep in mind that young children need to receive at least 10 mg of iron daily through the diet, but in many cases this is not the case. For this reason, child food supplements are an excellent option to complement their diet.

Natural supplements for children that are essential for their growth

Omega 3

They are essential fatty acids that can be found in the tissues and fats of blue fish and in olive oil, for example. However, only those of marine origin contain it in the form of EPA and DHA. The problem is that blue fish is increasingly contaminated by mercury, so it is preferable to take it through food supplements, which are essential for lowering blood fats, improving cognitive capacity, developing vision, learning, memorising, increasing the intelligence quotient and reducing the incidence of attention deficit.


It is a plant that helps to stimulate the immune system, so it is an ideal solution to prevent colds and flu, reducing symptoms and time of convalescence. Perfect for a cold season.


It is one of the most important dietary supplements in the growth stage, as it promotes the development of the teeth and bones.


Iron is essential for transporting oxygen to cells. Therefore, in stages of loss of appetite or when the child does not take many nuts, red meat, shellfish or legumes, it is essential to appeal to food supplements for children.


It is a natural substance manufactured by bees to coat their hives and protect them from infectious agents. They have antiviral and antiseptic properties, helping to strengthen the immune system, making it one of the best natural supplements for children during the winter.

Vitamin B12

Essential for children carrying vegan or vegetarian diets, as it is not found in any vegetable food. Lack of this vitamin can cause serious irreversible effects. The most common symptoms of vitamin B12 deficiency are pallor, weakness, and fatigue.

Royal Jelly

Royal jelly for children is a food supplement made by bees with a high concentration of vitamins, nutrients and amino acids. An energetic and revitalizing concentrate, ideal for periods of exams and more physical exercise.

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