Natural Ingredients For Hair

Top 7 Natural ingredients for hair

If your hair is dry and lifeless, it may be due to several reasons: genetic, chemical damage, very strong shampoos, vitamin-poor diet, excessive use of heat or prolonged sun exposure. In the market, we can find many products that promise to solve this problem, but the reality is that, often, all they get is we spend our money, and that does not solve the problem.

If you have already happened to you, you can try using natural ingredients to get back to having a beautiful and healthy hair. With the advantage that they are much cheaper and healthier than most chemical beauty products flooding the market. And, of course, much more effective in the long term. Many of them are found in food supplements sold in stores such products.

7 Natural ingredients for the ideal hair to strengthen it and prevent it from falling

1. Vitamin E

Vitamin E helps improve the appearance of damaged and dry hair, restoring moisture and shine. But the benefits do not end there: for example, with extra intake of this vitamin will get an incredible improvement in skin problems as well as a fresher aesthetic presence.

2. Rosemary

We recommend this ingredient for those who suffer hair fall out of the ordinary because it promotes hair growth without having side effects like itching. You just have to take a few drops in your shampoo or conditioner.

3. Coconut oil

Natural coconut oil penetrates into the hair much better than other products, strengthening from the inside out and reducing protein loss that occurs when we brush or dry the hair.

4. Seaweeds

Seaweeds are ideal for controlling fat scalp.

5. Horsetail

High in silicon and potassium, horsetail helps slow hair loss. It also strengthens brittle nails and improves symptoms of osteoporosis, arthritis and other ailments related to bones and joints. Well known for its diuretic effect, last but not least, favors the elimination of liquids.

6. Yeast organic beer

Among the natural ingredients for hair, organic yeast beer stands out for its great effect not only on hair but in other areas of the body, particularly those on the skin (reducing blemishes, removing acne, improving their appearance and rejuvenating), sight (helping eyestrain), nails, teeth, and gums. Also, you get a very positive effect on the protection of bacterial flora, which results in a marked improvement of our natural defenses.

Beer yeast Robis is available in a version without gluten, ideal for anyone with intolerance can take it.

7. Shark Cartilage

It is an excellent choice among natural ingredients for hair. Not only improves the capillary aspect, but also the skin and nails. Moreover, shark cartilage and joint increases flexibility to enjoy an agiler at any age life lubrication.

Now you know some of the ingredients that will best take care of your hair. If you want to enjoy healthy hair care, strong and beautiful, do not hesitate: natural ingredients you’re Going to be very useful. Do not wait to try them!