Organic Products

Organic products, a healthy and sustainable trend

Although it is still a small market, the truth is that the sales of organic products are experiencing steady growth at a good pace in recent times. Only in 2017, the volume of the same increased by 22% over the previous year, which has much to do with the importance that is being given to healthy eating in the European continent, is even more significant in Spain. While 70% of European consumers buy healthy food products, in Spain the percentage reaches almost up to 80%, occupying the ninth position in the ranking of the planet in consumption of organic products, only surpassed by countries such as Germany, France, and Italy.

A trend that is not new, but has been growing steadily in an uninterrupted way for 25 years, especially since 2000, reaching multiplied sales by 6 in the last 15 years. With a global turnover of 65,000 million euros. The ecological and sustainable products are obtained through models and production methods more respectful to the environment and fairer for the producer.

With regard to the purchase channels, the stores of organic products and electronic commerce are usually preferred. In addition, its consumption is greater in urban areas, with special importance of Barcelona and Madrid.

Why are people starting to buy organic products?
Many times we believe that the increase in the choice of organic products is part of a passing fad without stopping to think that, really, it is something good for our health. The truth is that consumers increasingly value where they come from the food they eat and the process that has been followed until they reach the stores or your table. Organic products do not contain pesticides or additives and have not been genetically modified, which is the main attraction for many people.

In our society, cardiac ailments, heart attacks, diabetes and respiratory problems are some of the main causes of mortality (63%), which is closely related to sedentary lifestyle habits and the foods we consume. In this sense, organic products are much healthier and can help us prevent them.

But organic products are not only healthier, they also have differences in appearance. Its color, its aroma, and its taste are different. Differences that are evident both to the eye and to the palate of the consumer, which makes it difficult to resist a product that, in addition to being healthier, retains all its properties.

On the other hand, more and more consumers decide to buy organic products as a matter of principle. There is a collective awareness that we must be respectful of the environment and the environment. The signs of depletion of different ecosystems and the vulnerability of the environment are increasingly obvious, so choosing organic products is a way to care for nature and respect animal diversity in a direct and simple way.

To this, we must add that organic production entails a new model of the producer-consumer relationship more direct and trustworthy. It allows us to know first hand the process of making the product and what exactly we are going to eat. The organic product is of higher quality precisely because it has not gone through other hands than those of the farmer, farmer or producer, which supports the product that we are going to consume. This does not mean that manufactured foods are of lower quality, but that they are subject to various procedures that are beyond our control and that do not guarantee that they have not been handled in excess.

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