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Spirulina, the superfood you need

Spirulina has a spiral, blue-green form of chlorophyll and phycocyanin, which the World Health Organization (WHO) and the United Nations (UN) call superfood for Their high nutritional capacities.

Why incorporating spirulina seaweed into your life can be a great decision? With a composition loaded with non-animal protein (about 65% of its composition), vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids and chlorophyll, among others, you can contribute to your body a variety of nutritious elements from nature.

Its use goes back to the Aztec peoples of pre-Columbian America, later China, to this day that is widely consumed in Japan and the United States. Its traditional use was related to prevention of hair loss and  as a supplement to lose weight, but different research has changed its indications.

In addition, his role excels in certain professional areas:

  • NASA has included it as food in many space missions thanks to its high nutritional content

Elite athletes also include it in their diet to reduce the recovery time after exercise, as well as to strengthen the defenses

So you only have to be part of your diet!

But what does consumption mean for your health?

  • Ideal anti-aging, thanks to its content in agents with antioxidant effect that reduce the effects of free radicals, responsible for the aging process and cellular deterioration
  • Energy and vitality to recover in physical or mental overexertion
  • Improvement in episodes of anemia and exhaustion
  • Satiating power and perfect supplement in slimming regimens
  • Activator of metabolism, with its increase of fat burning

Do not wait more! Super foods are here to stay, incorporate them into your life.

Do not worry,  you do not have to look for more, in Robis we bring you different ways to consume it:

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