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Digestive Infusions

Digestive infusions, which are more effective?

Digestive infusions are the most natural way to ensure digestion without discomfort. A high percentage of the population suffers from some problem related to digestive processes. As an example, 30% of Spaniards suffer from heartburn once a week. Consumption of natural infusions of digestive plants It is an excellent option to avoid those annoyances and problems that affect the quality of life of those who suffer them. But which ones are the best? We will tell you!

Top 7 digestive infusions

1. Melisa

Bloating or flatulence is one of the most common problems related to digestion process . In some cases the gases are just annoying, but in others they can cause significant pain. The lemon balm infusion contributes to the elimination of gases.

But it is not only useful as a digestive infusion to combat meteorism. It also regulates gastrointestinal motility and contributes to optimal digestive function. All this, together with its relaxing action, contributes to mental well-being by helping the person to feel better.

2. Fennel

Among the best plants for digestive infusions, fennel stands out, since it improves different aspects for a digestion without problems or discomfort .

On the one hand it increases gastrointestinal secretions, facilitating the digestive process, on the other, it has carminative properties , that is, it has the ability to reduce gas production. It is also an intestinal painkiller with the ability to suppress colic. Added to all this is its ability to stimulate natural bowel movements regulating digestion .

3. Pennyroyal mint

Among the best-known digestive infusions is that of pennyroyal. It is not surprising since it is one of the ones that best helps to expel intestinal gas, facilitating digestion . It also helps the expulsion of bile by decreasing visceral contractions, normalizing the digestive process and reducing discomfort.

4. Chamomile

Chamomile has the ability to calm the stomach . It contributes to the treatment of gastrointestinal colic and flatulence. It is one of the most popular digestive infusions since its properties have been known since ancient times.

It also has relaxing properties that help promote calm after meals, improving the digestion process and contributing to reduce the feeling of heaviness in the stomach , how annoying it is.

5. Green anise

Green anise is another of the plants most recognized for its effectiveness in digestive infusions. Its main virtue is that it has powerful carminative properties, reducing the formation of gases and facilitating their elimination. Contribute to reduce abdominal bloating during digestion, which for some people becomes very annoying. It also helps to avoid other discomforts related to the digestive process.

Green anise infusion is also one of the best digestive infusions for other reasons. Among them, their ability to promote the secretion of gastric juices . This implies that it reduces acidity, one of the most common ailments related to digestion. In addition, it improves gastrointestinal spasms and contributes to the treatment of colic.

6. Boldo

Although boldo is better known as a liver infusion for its ability to protect the liver and pancreas, it also has properties that contribute to a good digestion . It helps reduce abdominal pain and bloating associated with the presence of gas and acts as an intestinal relaxant.

7. Ginger

The ginger prepared in infusion helps fight the gastric reflux . A common annoyance after heavy meals.

These plants are the most effective for infusions with digestive properties. They can be prepared individually or mixed. Thanks to the synergy and combination of its properties, it improves results such as digestive drink to drink hot. The commercial mixtures are made in suitable proportions between plants, achieving a very effective infusion in the digestive processes, being also pleasant to the palate.

Know the organic infusions from and enjoy a tasty herbal tea for a smooth, trouble-free digestion.

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