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How To Take Care Of The Liver

How to take care of the liver: 7 tips

The functions of the liver are essential for the body, that is why its alterations are so problematic. Metabolizing proteins and fats, storing vitamins and minerals and basic enzymes for the body’s metabolism are just some of these functions. Taking care of the liver is essential to take care of health and for the optimal state of the organism. If you are wondering how to take care of your liver, the following tips are key to achieving it.

How to take care of the liver, 7 key tips for its optimal condition and proper functioning

1. Avoid the abusive consumption of sugars if you consider how to take care of the liver

It is one of the easiest and most effective measures to take care of the liver: avoid the abuse of sugars. The main reason why this is recommended is that excessive consumption of sugar is transformed into fat and cholesterol in the body. This increases the level of triglycerides present in the blood.

It can also cause nonalcoholic fatty liver or fatty liver , since this problem is known in both ways, which in turn causes a poor liver function .

2. Taking care of the intestines helps you take care of the liver

The relationship between intestines and liver is key to taking care of this. The reason is that the more toxins and bacteria present in the intestines, the more work the liver must do. So when in doubt about how to take care of the liver, one of the first questions to take into account is to keep the intestines clean. But how to do it? fundamentally adopting the following measures:

  • Consume to natural foods rich in fiber to help prevent constipation.
  • Take prebiotics and probiotics .
  • Choose Food Complements and infusions that contribute to the good state of the digestive system.
  • Prefer the whole-grain foods to the refined.
  • Consume 2 liters of water per day if you do not have kidney problems.
  • Eat organic food free of pesticides and bet on a more natural diet with a lower intake of precooked foods.

3. To protect the liver, reduce the consumption of red meat

This type of meat is more harmful to the body. So that this does not imply a lower consumption of proteins, you can take these as a food supplement or obtain them from other foods. The vegetable proteins are the best source from the point of view of liver care. But you should be aware that not all plant proteins are complete.

To obtain all the amino acids that your body needs, it is necessary to combine the consumption of cereals and legumes. It is also advisable to include nuts in the usual diet. You can avoid nutritional deficits by taking multivitamin complexes with minerals and amino acids .

4. Know the main natural liver protectors and use them properly

Some plants are rich in natural elements that contribute to the protection of the liver. If you consider how to take care of the liver, know the function they exert liver care products such as boldo, dandelion, artichoke or black radish root, turmeric, fumaria or pineapple, among others.

5. To prevent liver problems avoid the consumption of saturated fats

As we have already mentioned when talking about the convenience of avoiding sugar for those who consider taking care of the liver, an important problem of this organ is the so-called fatty liver. Another way to to prevent this problem is avoiding the consumption of foods rich in saturated fat. And where are these? Among other products in red meat and palm oil.

6. Include foods rich in flavonoids and carotenoids in your regular diet if you are considering how to take care of your liver

This type of food is beneficial for the liver due to its cleansing and healing effects . Carrots, radishes, Brussels sprouts, strawberries or alfalfa sprouts are some of them.

7. Avoid alcohol consumption to protect the liver

Although we have left it for last, one of the most effective measures for liver care is avoid drinking alcoholic beverages . Probably if you are concerned about how to take care of the liver you already have it clear but it does not hurt to remember it since alcohol is one of the main enemies of the liver.

If you are considering how to take care of your liver, follow these tips. They are very easy to adopt and very effective. So don’t think twice and take care of your health and well-being by protecting your liver . Do you want to be aware of all our advice? Subscribe to our newsletter and follow us on networks and you will not miss anything, we are waiting for you!

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