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Consequences Of Confinement

Consequences of confinement: how has it affected our health?

The health consequences of confinement are still significant. Many of them, in addition, have worsened in the following months, given that the restrictions, the infodemic ( overabundance of information (some rigorous and some false) ) and other situations that the pandemic has brought with it have continued to undermine collective health. It is important to know which ones have been the health consequences of the pandemic situation and what you can do to try to fix them. Some measures can help reverse these problems.

Consequences of confinement for health

Weight gain, one of the most widespread consequences of confinement among the population

All age groups share one of the negative health consequences of confinement: increased body weight . Less physical activity is just one of the reasons for this. In many cases they have eaten worse, stress has increased the urge to eat due to anxiety, and spending more time at home has favored the consumption of snacks and unhealthy foods. In addition, the intake of unhealthy foods as an element of satisfaction has also been sadly common.

Follow one balanced and healthy diet reducing the calories consumed on a daily basis and doing physical exercise are essential to lose weight. You can also help yourself with natural supplements such as Figu Robis to promote weight loss.

Pictures of anxiety and depression during the pandemic

The appearance of pictures of anxiety and depressive states is one of the Mental health consequences of confinement . Fear, sadness, overwhelmed, the feeling of not knowing what the future will bring, stress and reduced social stimuli are just some of the causes that cause anxiety.

To effectively combat these consequences of social isolation, follow a few healthy lifestyle habits it’s key. Physical exercise, good nutrition, quitting smoking and alcohol consumption, as well as regular schedules and quality sleep help to avoid anxiety. You can also facilitate the relief of this with Robis Estima , which helps you combat states of apathy and sadness.

However, if you frequently suffer from severe anxiety, consult a specialist. You may need professional psychological help to overcome this situation.

Insomnia, a common consequence of confinement

Stress, lack of control of schedules and lack of exposure to sunlight are some of the reasons that cause insomnia, one of the consequences of the most frequent confinement. In addition to being a problem in itself, insomnia, in turn, can lead to other major health problems. Loss of vitality and energy or hormonal imbalance are just two of them.

Follow a bedtime routine , avoiding heavy dinners and activities that generate stress or upset you at the end of the day, are some effective measures to combat insomnia. Consumption of Melatonin Complex of the manufacturers of food supplements it can help you promote quality sleep.

Musculoskeletal weakness from confinement

During confinement, many people saw their physical activity limited. And with it came the muscular weakness . Even after this, limitations such as the closure of gyms, has come to exacerbate this problem in subsequent months.

What’s more, lack of vitamin D Staying at home for longer has also made it difficult to absorb calcium, which has its effect on the state of the bones. The use of winter clothing and a mask have also helped reduce the amount of skin that receives the sun’s rays.

Do physical exercise daily , follow a diet rich in vitamin D and as far as possible sunbathe in a healthy way They contribute to improving the state of the locomotor system. The vitamin D3 supplements facilitate the absorption of calcium, key to the state of the bones.

Lack of energy and personal vitality as a result of the global pandemic

Another consequence of confinement for health and well-being is a lack of energy and vitality. Problems already mentioned such as suffering from insomnia, sadness, fear or feeling weaker and tired cause that feeling of lack of vitality that affects physical state and mood. Fixing these problems helps regain energy .

The multivitamin supplements and the royal jelly add-ons They are recommended to promote the recovery of vital energy.

Follow these recommendations to reverse the consequences of confinement and improve your health and quality of life. And if you want to be up to date with all our news, subscribe below to our newsletter!

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