What Is Hawthorn

What is hawthorn?: All keys

The hawthorn is an increasingly popular natural product for its health benefits. Find out what hawthorn is and how it can help you enjoy a better global state of health. And which are the main ailments that helps you treat and ameliorate.

What is hawthorn and what is it for?

The hawthorn is a phanerogamic plant in the form of shrub or small tree naturally present in many parts of the Iberian Peninsula and Balearic Islands. Its natural habitat is not limited only to this area and it covers very wide geographical areas. Its botanical name is Crataegus monogyna, Jacq.

At the present time the active ingredients of its flowers have been studied and well known and other parts of the plant. These are beneficial to the health in different forms, which has popularized its consumption as a product for the care and prevention of certain health problems. Let’s find out which!

1. It is a powerful natural antioxidant

If you wonder what hawthorn is, one of the answers is a natural antioxidant that helps to inhibit the synthesis of free radicals. Something that it achieves thanks to the important presence of flavonoids and proanthocyridines in different parts of the plant.

2. It is a plant beneficial for the heart

Between the benefits of hawthorn for the body stands out its benefits for cardiovascular health. It provides several improvements to the cardiovascular system. Which among them?

  • Improves the force of cardiac contraction to optimal blood pumping with less effort.
  • Decreases cardiac excitability for a healthier heart that performs its natural function without overexertion.
  • Regulates the frequency of contractions for optimal functioning without an increase in pulsations. It could prevent arrhythmias.
  • Prevents the aging of heart muscle keeping it younger and healthier.
  • Helps to avoid stress and improve the quality of rest

3. Relieves signs of menopause

  • For many women, talking about what is the hawthorn is to mention a natural solution to menopausal disorders. We have already mentioned some of them as it is the case of the sleep alterations, insomnia or circulatory problems. And also it ameliorates anxiety states.

4. Other benefits of hawthorn

Now that you already know what hawthorn is, it is not surprising that it is used as natural ingredient for greater well-being and quality of life. And is that so because it contributes to provide these benefits in various ways. Among them:

  • Reduces anxiety and stress levels. Thus it is key to greater relaxation and a better quality of life.
  • Help to reduce nervousness and facilitate relaxation and concentration.
  • Favors quality sleep helping to combat insomnia.
  • Therefore when considering what is the hawthorn it can be deduced that it is a natural aid to improve well-being and quality of life.

As you see, pointing out what the hawthorn is can be summarized in a natural medicinal plant key for the treatment of different health problems. This makes it a great help for a better quality of life and well-being of people. If you need this type of help you can find it in different food supplements with hawthorn made with natural ingredients from Robis.es.