Prevention Measures Against COVID-19

Prevention measures against COVID-19: everybody’s concern

In the presence of the health crisis caused by the coronavirus, it is more necessary than ever that we all be responsible by taking preventive measures against COVID-19. Carrying out simple actions can have positive repercussions over time.

Both for our protection and that of the people around us, it will be necessary for all of us to become aware of the situation to which we expose ourselves, keeping the safety distance, frequently washing our hands and wearing a mask.

We have already seen the terrible consequences of the expansion of this epidemic without any restraint, both on the health of people, which is the most important, and on the economic level of many households. Therefore, that we all unite and take preventive measures before COVID-19, should be the priority of each one of us.

Therefore, at Robis, in order to safeguard both the well-being of our employees and their families, and of course, of our customers and consumers, we have taken actions of social and corporate responsibility to provide security for all.

Prevention measures against COVID-19 at Robis

That is why at Robis, manufacturer of food supplements, together with the work team, suppliers and customers, we have assumed our corporate responsibility by carrying out the following actions and preventive measures before COVID-19:

  • Adaptation of all the documentation of the ISO 9001: 2015 quality standard to the new situation. While others take advantage to implement the quality standard, at Robis, we have implemented the ISO 9001 system since 1998. This crisis has served us as an opportunity for necessary improvement.
  • Updating of the Company’s self-control system, made up of the General Hygiene Plans and the Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP).

To specify the previous point, the General Hygiene Plans (PGH) are defined as:

“The set of programs and basic preventive activities, to be developed in all food companies to achieve food security.”

As with ISO 9001, at ROBIS we have modified all the documentation of the “Self-control system”, adapting it to the new situation, including all the necessary preventive measures before COVID-19.

The HACCP deals with the identification of possible hazards in the entire process of the production chain to ensure the safety of our food products, now reinforcing these measures in the face of the coronavirus crisis.

To ensure that our products reach our customers in perfect health, at Robis, from our Technical Department, we are in contact with the health authorities to coordinate all the necessary actions that guarantee food safety and the health of our staff.

For us, health has always been the priority, offering totally effective, safe and quality products, both in the conventional and ecological lines, that provide your body with the nutrients or vitamins you need. We have always done so under the strictest hygiene measures that now, in the face of the health crisis we are experiencing, must be reinforced to guarantee the safety of our clients, workers, suppliers and consumers.

That is why we want to inform that at Robis we are carrying out preventive measures against COVID-19 at all our points in the chain, always maintaining high-level safety standards, so that our food supplements from comply with everything what is expected of them.

It is time to take care of yourself more than ever and to take care of each other, so personally we will have to take preventive measures before COVID-19.

From Robis we want to encourage you to follow these recommendations and we wish you all to be well, as well as to encourage you to overcome the crisis caused by the coronavirus.