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Detox helps to start the New Year at 100 %

The Christmas season is a fire test for our organism on many levels. Sometimes for pleasure and own decision, others for commitment, it is usual that at that time certain excesses are committed with food that then ends up taking their toll. You usually follow a detox diet or not, this is the time to cleanse and detoxify the body. Doing it is much simpler than it seems. We tell you how!

Detox products after Christmas: why they are necessary

They help you to repair the excesses committed

Organs such as the liver or kidneys have suffered excessively. It is time to clean them and get them to do their job correctly, preventing them from deteriorating because they have not been purified.

They help provide you with a lighter body

The detox products are in charge of the correct drainage and the elimination of liquids retained by the organism. Thus, your body will be lighter and healthier. You will lose weight, you will look better and, above all, you will gain in health and well-being. In addition, you will achieve that organs like the kidneys improve their functioning without pressure.

They give you the antioxidant action that your body needs

This will improve different life processes. You will achieve a better cellular renewal in each and every one of the organs of your body. And you will benefit from the anti-aging effect due to its fight against cellular aging.

Help to return to your body the state of health and vitality that needs

For this, they are responsible for the recovery to their optimal state of health of the liver, kidneys or intestines, among other organs. They purify and purify your entire organism. And they eliminate both the toxins and the excess of liquids that it retains. In addition, they provide antioxidant and protective benefits.


Robis detox products that will help you feel good

The best detox products that we offer, as manufacturers of organic products, will help you recover on Christmas days. Take advantage of its benefits to be, see and feel better.

Slim Robis Detox

These tablets give you all the benefits of artichoke, black radish, milk thistle and green organic tea. Among its advantages for the organism, are its high capacity for liver protection as well as purification of the organism and diuretic. You will lose retained liquids and weight while improving your health internally. Your metabolism will be accelerated thanks to the green tea catechin that increases thermogenesis and activates the metabolism of the lipids, favoring the burning of fats. And it will contribute to the reduction of LDL cholesterol or bad cholesterol, among other benefits for your organism.

Desmodium Complex

Another essential detox product based on organic botanicals. In this case, the desmodium ascendends next to the artichoke, the black radish, and the milk thistle. It will give you choleretic, hepatoprotective and digestive effects. It will contribute to reducing inflammation tissues and organs that have worked in excess making them improve their function. It will contribute to the cleaning of internal organs and to the elimination of retained liquids. And it will help you eliminate fat by protecting you from heart disease.

Hep Robis

A detoxifying product in the form of an infusion based on boldo, dandelion, peppermint and organic fumitory or earth smoke (fumaria officinalis). It will provide an important antiseptic, digestive and purifying action of the blood. It will work to cleanse, purify and protect the liver and gallbladder, among other organs. And it will improve the health of your digestive system and its functions.

Drena Robis

It is a detox product made with medicinal plants from organic farming. In this case, it will provide all the benefits of horsetail, orthosiphon and corn stigmas. Thus, it will help you in the treatment of overweight with its draining, diuretic and depurative action. It will take care of the adequate renal cleaning and the good health of the kidneys and bladder. And it will provide remineralizing, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and healing effects.


How to get the most out of detox products

The detox products are an invaluable help for the organism. But they should be used in the context of a healthy lifestyle to get the most out of them. Do not forget that the purpose is not to lose weight in an almost miraculous way but to create healthy routines as a New Year’s purpose.

If you want to take advantage of all the benefits of detox products, there are some things you should keep in mind:

Follow a healthy and balanced diet

It would make no sense that while you use detoxifiers to cleanse your body at the same time you ingest toxins, right? Therefore, it is essential to be responsible. Feeding consciously and healthy will help you take care of your body.

Do daily physical exercise

Your state of health and form will mark what you need. It is important to avoid a sedentary lifestyle and activate the body. Simply walking will help the draining action of the detox products. If possible, combine it with physical activities such as swimming or cycling. You can integrate physical exercise in your leisure time, for example, dancing or hiking.

Combines adequately action detox products

As part of your daily care routine, you can include taking two detox products. For example:

* Mode 1

– Mornings: 2 tablets of Slim Robis Detox + 1 cup of infusion Drena Robis BIO.

– Nights: 2 tablets of Slim Robis Detox + 1 cup of infusion Hep Robis.

* Mode 2

– Mornings: 2 tablets of Desmodium Complex + infusion cup of Drena Robis Bio.

– Nights: 2 tablets of Slim Robis Detox + 1 cup of Hep Robis infusion.

We encourage you to take advantage of the benefits that detox products provide you. Return to your body the state of health and form you want after the Christmas days. Ahead!

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