Tryptophan For Anxiety

How to take tryptophan for anxiety ?: 4 tips

Tryptophan is a key trace mineral for anxiety control. This is a problem that affects many people for different reasons and causes. In addition, tryptophan contributes to combat insomnia, promoting quality rest. This is essential for the greater well-being of those who suffer from repeated anxiety problems. When the body does not receive enough tryptophan through food, nutritional supplementation is the solution. But you must know how to take tryptophan for anxiety to enjoy its benefits in a healthy way.

How to take tryptophan for anxiety: 4 keys to keep in mind when consuming it

1. Do not combine it with sedative drugs

It is important to avoid combining this tryptophan with the consumption of sedative or depressant drugs from the CNS (Central Nervous System). The reason is that both have the function of promoting the secretion of serotonin. If taken together, this may be too much and cause some important conditions. So this is the first thing to keep in mind when considering how to take tryptophan for anxiety.

In addition, it is also not recommended that you consume it together with anxiolytics.

If you are taking this type of drugs and have anxiety symptoms, it is advisable to consult your doctor. He will be able to tell you how to act. Keep in mind that it is not recommended to stop taking a treatment prescribed by the doctor without first consulting with it.

2. Consider your age and body weight

Not everyone needs the same amount of tryptophan for it to be positive for the treatment of anxiety. The amount depends fundamentally on your body weight. The recommendation of the World Health Organization, WHO, is 4gm of tryptophan for every kilogram of body weight. Knowing how much you weigh is essential to calculate how much tryptophan you need.

If you take it as a supplement, calculate how much of this is indicated for you according to your current weight. Check the indications of the container or label to see the amount of product it contains. And to know how to take tryptophan for anxiety in the way that you have acquired it.

3. The pregnancy or the suspicion of being pregnant affects how to take it

The certainty or possibility of a pregnancy is decisive in deciding how to take tryptophan for anxiety And it is that in these cases it is advisable to ingest it through food. The reason? Supplementation provides you with a greater amount of this nutrient. Something that in itself is good, but that is not recommended in pregnant women.

And it is that the fetus has the ability to absorb the tryptophan that ingests the mother. It can cross the blood-brain barrier to reach the baby’s brain. And that could be an excessive amount for a baby, so it would be harmful to it. That is why in these cases it is safer to take tryptophan through foods rich in it included in a healthy and balanced diet. Protein and dairy foods are some of them.

4. Take magnesium tryptophan for anxiety for best results

Tryptophan and magnesium improve their effectiveness in treating anxiety together. When taken in the form of a nutritional supplement, the ideal is a joint intake of both trace elements. This combination works better than taking tryptophan in isolation. For this reason, in some commercial products, both trace elements go together. You can also take them in separate products but in the same shot.

It is also interesting when you consider how to take tryptophan for anxiety to take this issue into account in your diet. Thus, the ideal is to follow a balanced diet with foods rich in tryptophan and foods rich in magnesium.

Did you know that this combination also provides other benefits to the body? Among others, it contributes to an optimal insulin production as well as to the strengthening of bones and teeth. And it reduces constipation.

Keep these four tips in mind when considering how to take tryptophan for anxiety. They are essential for the care of your health and to achieve the desired effect. You can consume tryptophan safely with natural food supplements from