Food Supplements, Organic Label

Food supplements, organic label

The importance of the organic food supplements regulation has become a matter of vital importance due to the increase in consumption that this type of products is experiencing. This labeling offers guarantees that the organic food supplement really complies with…

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Artichoke, A Natural Remedy To Lose Weight After The Summer

Artichoke, a natural remedy to lose weight after the summer

Extra weight after the summer? Do not know how to get rid of it and return to your ideal weight? It is true that it is difficult to lose weight, but we all mistakenly think that in order to lose those extra pounds we will have to go hungry. This thinking is wrong because we should only maintain a balanced diet and perform some daily exercise. In addition, we can enjoy the food that will make us lose weight, with food such as artichoke.

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Tips To Keep A Healthy And Tanned Skin

Tips to keep a healthy and tanned skin

If you want to take care after tanning, you should take care from inside, including in your diet Vitamin E, Zinc and beta-carotene. There are foods, which we explain later, which neutralize the damage that could arise from ultraviolet rays,…

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